Red Guitars are back!

Red Guitars 2022 photo by Richard Duffy-Howard
Red Guitars 1983 photo by Syd Shelton

After a 40 year break, and following our UK tour 2022 we’re back with a special anniversary release and new album in the pipeline. Watch this space…

Red Guitars were a product of the vibrant Hull music scene of the late 1970s and early 80s. Encouraged by a review of their demo tape in the Melody Maker the band recorded a single, Good Technology, and released it on their own Self Drive label. John Peel played it on the radio, Tyne Tees Television filmed them for the Tube and Johnny Marr invited them to tour with the Smiths. They were up and running. Good Technology made number 11 in John Peel’s Festive 50. Further singles Fact, Steeltown and Marimba Jive followed, and debut album Slow to Fade was released in November 1984.

“Via one delicious melody and an ominously building beat, Red Guitars itemise the sundry achievements of modern science, from underarm personal hygiene to the hardware of instant Armageddon. In so doing, the song constructs an unforgettable vision of a world that’s grown too clever by one-and-a-half at least.”  Good Technology, Paul Du Noyer, NME

This site covers the original Red Guitars, before they signed to Virgin Records, when the line-up was Jeremy Kidd, Matt Higgins, Lou Duffy-Howard, Hallam Lewis and John Rowley.

Red Guitars 2022 photograph by Richard Duffy-Howard