Red Guitars at Manchester Night & Day 2022

Thanks to everyone who came to our Manchester gig, our first tour in 38 years. We had a fantastic night, a brilliant crowd – an amazing experience. Thanks to our special guests Terra Fin who opened up the show with an awesome set, to The Night & Day team, and to Greg for a great sound.

So, here we are, all the original band back together for our Slow to Fade tour, Hallam Lewis, Jeremy Kidd, John Rowley, Matt Higgins and Lou Duffy-Howard, joined in 2022 by Jos Allen and Doug Swallow.

Fab set of photographs by Richard Duffy-Howard, have a look:

High five to our special guests Terra Fin who went down a storm with our crowd.

Thank you to everyone who sent us lovely messages on social media and reviews, here’s a few:

“They were magnificent, Red Guitars, even better than I’d hoped for.” Rob Sim

“Wow! We jived & survived. They stand alone. “ Jonathan Wood

“Thought you lot were absolutely brilliant last night. Fantastic energy and the songs haven’t lost their power over the years. In fact Steeltown, Good Tech and Fact (in particular) sounded eerily modern. Thanks so much for getting the band back together.  Brilliant. Enjoy every second. There’s a lovely energy coming from that stage.  Just don’t leave it so long til you do it all over again! 

Thought your lad’s band did a great job too, and will be following their progress. Onwards” Tom

“Best described as joyous. As for you not only are you a fabulous bass player but you exude such joy yourself. You were positively beaming, clearly enjoying yourself and that transmits to the audience, it’s infectious. It was also really good to speak with the other band members who are lovely people too. Wishing you the best for the rest of the tour. I’d love to know your fitness regime, you were bouncing around that stage like a spring lamb.” AM

“Had a great night watching @RedGuitars again last night at  @nightanddaycafe Manchester. My main impression is that Lou @LoudhailerUK is having the time of her life on that stage and weirdly doesn’t seem to age.” Nick

“@RedGuitars Thank you so much. 38 years worth waiting for” MCFC PRAHA

“What’s immediately apparent is how unnoticeable is their near 40-year hiatus. Duffy-Howard and Lewis in particular take an almost telepathic delight in playing off one another. Their enthusiasm radiates into the throng, provoking outbursts of introspective skanking as jackets are removed and shirts are further loosened.” Northern Soul

“This gig was magical on every level. TRG’s we’re both tight and loose as good live acts should be. Hallam Lewis played sparkling lead guitar, seldom did his fingers hit the usual pentatonic scale his musical mode being more that of clever semi toned dorian mode scales with that of mixolydian. His fingers ran across the fretboard like a rats up a drain pipe and he played both with guts and imagination throughout, reaching the pinnacle of experience that surpassed all expectation. It was a team effort on vocals, harmonies ticked every box that any audience could have wished for. At times it felt like a CBGBs reunion with elements of Television and Talking Heads as well as high-life, jazz fusion elements far beyond the male-strum of Punk or new wave. TRG’s are closer to Captain Beefheart at times than any 1980 type parallels such as Joy Division.” Mr Bolton’s Propelling Pencil

Next up have a look at our gig photos from Glasgow Garage here: