Here we Go 2023!

It’s our first band get together of 2023 tonight, here we go 2023! A big thank you to everyone who followed us in 2022 and a special high five to everyone who came to see us on our tour. It was beyond our dreams to get back together. The ball is rolling now, and we’re excited about our plans for 2023. Come and join the adventure and see where it takes us! 🎶🎸😍

Red Guitars video shoot tea break these days. Photo by Richard Duffy-Howard
And the same back in 1983 Stella break back then. Red Guitars photo by Syd Shelton

Red Guitars at Hull Adelphi Club 2022

Thanks to everyone who came to our full house hometown show at Hull Adelphi on our first Red Guitars tour in 38 years. We have had a fantastic time on the northern leg of the tour, it’s all been brilliant fun and a real heart warming experience. Thanks to our friends special guests Terra Fin, Steve Homer and the team at AEG. We’re excited to head south later this week.

So, here we are, all the original band back together, Hallam Lewis, Jeremy Kidd, John Rowley, Matt Higgins and Lou Duffy-Howard, joined in 2022 by Jos Allen and Doug Swallow.

Fab set of photographs by Sydpix and Richard Duffy-Howard show the fun and energy of the gig and the brilliant home town crowd.

Here’s Sydpix’ gallery from the front

Here’s Richard’s from the back

Big thanks to our special guests Terra Fin, who played an awesome set and went down a storm with our crowd. Great to see the full band with Chris on drums, that’s my son Corey there on bass, and our youngest son Dexter joined them on violin for this gig. Charismatic singer/guitarist Jonas flew over from his home in Lithuania for the tour.

Thank you to everyone who sent us lovely messages on social media, here’s a few:

“You guys absolutely smashed it, what an atmosphere.” Dylan Price, Hull Adelphi Club

“I’ve been to hundreds of gigs over the years, but @RedGuitars at  @TheAdelphiClub tonight was one of the best. Amazing songs and musicians who seem to be loving being back on the stage playing them.” Mark Powell

“Wow! Songs still very relevant and poignant 30+ years on. Amazing tunes. Thanks @RedGuitars @TheAdelphiClub” Tiger Sue

“A sold out @TheAdelphiClub with the imperious @RedGuitars Amazing gig. The love in the room was palpable.” The Gold Needles

“Well @RedGuitars – I hope you enjoyed that gig at Adelphi Hull as much as we did!!!! Not danced so much in ages!!! Glad Lou still plays the fretless guitar! I feel 18 again!!! Come back soon!!!” Pauline Thornton

“Great gig. Top 5 @TheAdelphiClub for me.” Andy Currie

“Seems like all of Hull was crammed in! It was fab.” Sue Leighton

“It was unbelievable. Everybody I spoke to had a fantastic time. The collective and individual performances were stunning.” PA

“Great night with the Red Guitars at the New Adelphi. Stupendous set and atmosphere.” Rupert Creed

“Absolutely fantastic gig. Hallam is a brilliantly inventive guitarist.” Stephen Roe

“Turns out the @RedGuitars are still the best band from Hull. Fantastic gig at the Adelphi tonight.” Stephen Roe

“Great gig tonight by @RedGuitars at @TheAdelphiClub.Amazingly tight considering they haven’t played together since Thatcher was a lad. They were properly enjoying themselves as well. Cracking stuff.” Dave Lee

“Red Guitars – Great gig, tremendous sound, nostalgic for us old folks, but also great music and message… when’s the new album out! Steve Morantz

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Red Guitars Tour 2022 Dress Rehearsal

I was delighted to be invited to take photographs of the Red Guitars Slow to Fade reunion tour dress rehearsal at O’Rileys live music venue, Hull. Looked and sounded great!

Richard Duffy-Howard

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Marking 40 years since their totemic first single “Good Technology”, the Red Guitars original line up of Hallam Lewis, Jeremy Kidd, Lou Duffy-Howard, John Rowley and Matt Higgins, plus guest guitarist Jos Allen, will be hitting the road again with a set featuring the early singles and songs from the “Slow To Fade” album.