Two Weeks of Red Guitars

Red Guitars video shoot photo by Richard Duffy-Howard

It’s been a great two weeks of Red Guitars! All the band together again, much of it all round at JR’s place – room rehearsals working up the new album, mixing, recording extra parts and plotting next year’s anniversary release.

This week, we’ve had a fantastic time playing the new songs loud on the big stage with an excellent sound at O’Rileys in Hull, very exciting!

We’ve had three fab days video shoot with Factor Fifty Films at great locations.

And absolutely loads of laughs with friends throughout.

So now, Hal’s preparing to go back to Cape Town, the rest of us as near and far as Brighton and Yorkshire and indeed for now, Rome. We’ll continue polishing up the songs online. Here we are (above) on day two of the film shoot.

Below, room rehearsals, all round at JR’s

Live and loud new song rehearsals at O’Rileys. We’ve gone ampless for these rehearsals. The amp is being used as a table! Sounds excellent. Only my bass amp to lug around. I might have to investigate …

Hal’s nailing some licks, sounds fantastic. look at Pepper, she’s singing along.

We’ve had a brilliant time!

If our new songs have a touch of spaghetti western to them it’s because of the films we’ve been watching after rehearsals.

So, it’s hasta la vista for now, back to online chatting and playing for a while. More stories coming too, so see you next time! 🤠😎

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