Record Store Day Everyday!

Red Guitars in San Francisco

Back in the day of our first releases vinyl and was just called ‘records’ and without the internet the world seemed a much smaller place. Finding one of our records for sale in any record shop was exciting, so we were thrilled to find out we had a whole section to ourselves in the legendary Recycled Records store in San Francisco.

Photo by Bernice Baynham

“This photo was taken at my old place of employment. The shop was in San Francisco California. It was called Recycled Records. I worked there for two decades plus. Located on the “historical” Haight Street. Ground zero for the hippie movement. It’s also happens to be where I live. A stones throw from the “legendary” intersection of Haight & Ashbury. I played the R G records many times over those twenty years.” Michael Boul

The iconic Recycled Records opened in 1977 and bought and sold collectibles for 40 years. Sadly, the shop closed in 2017, but they still trade online and you can find it here.

Thanks to Bernice for taking the photo of Red Guitars in Recycled Records for us, and to Michael for giving us a spin in SF.

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