Red Guitars at Brighton Green Door Store 2022

A massive thank you to everyone who came to our Slow to Fade 2022 tour. It’s been a joyous adventure, and the response has been unexpectedly amazing for us. We had a terrific time at Brighton’s Green Door Store. Big thanks to Sweeval for a great job on the sound.

So, here we are, all the original band back together for our Slow to Fade tour, Hallam Lewis, Jeremy Kidd, John Rowley, Matt Higgins and Lou Duffy-Howard, joined in 2022 by Jos Allen and Doug Swallow.

Fab set of photographs by Richard Duffy-Howard, have a look:

Thank you to our guests Fragile Creatures for a terrific set in their home town to open the show. Fantastic to see you guys play, making it a special night.

Thank you to everyone who sent us lovely messages on social media, here’s a few:

“There was always one band I wish I had seen live but never got the chance. Tonight my wish came true and after almost 40 years, I finally saw the amazing @RedGuitars live. It was the best gig ever and there are not enough words to say how incredible the band were live.” Skylla

“Thank you, never thought I would get the chance to see you live again and it was even better than I hoped.” David Ealey

“Fantastic gig! I hope you enjoyed it as much as the audience seemed to.” Nigel Herron

“What an impact you’ve made up and down the country – well done all!” Rachel

“I was 16 when I saw you steal the show from The Smiths and have had those images of you stamped in my memory ever since. So it was great to see your parents on stage last night playing that excellent set!!” Steve Atkinson (🤣🤣haha very good Steve!)

“An evening spent with one of my oldest friends, @MrRober16070170, singing along to one of my favourite bands, with the biggest smile on my face. Thank you @RedGuitars, that was brilliant. See you at the 100 Club.” Roger Millington

A big thanks to Steve Homer at AEG Presents for inviting us to reform for this tour. The AEG reps at every gig have been excellent. We have truly had an absolute ball!

Next up have a look at the photos from our gig at The 100 Club London here:

The RGs team after Brighton breakfast, photo by Jacquie

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